Sunday, January 15, 2012

jennie & jett chevron lampshade

I am really enjoying all things chevron right now (in case you hadn't noticed our lovely background). I might be a little behind the curve on this trend that probably started 1+ years ago, but I still love the graphic quality that this pattern brings into a space. I have been pining away for something chevron to incorporate into our house, but the chevron rug on that I reeeeally want is out of our budget just now (even when they do their fabulous 50% off sales - sigh).

I've seen quite a few online tutorials on how to paint your own rug, and that is a project I promise to try and share in the near future... maybe once Cason Jett is in preschool and I know I have 3 solid hours to dedicate to it. For this DIY-chevron experiment, I decided to start with something smaller and less time-consuming: a lampshade. Here's what I used:

• An inexpensive lamp (like this one from Target). Mine is a couple of years old.
• 1-inch painters tape
• spray paint
• a pencil
• scissors - only because I couldn't track down an Exacto and I just wanted to get started
• plastic grocery bags (you'll see...)
• an envelope (any square edge will do - a piece of paper, etc.)

Official 'before' picture:

I started by (lightly) tracing one corner of an envelope in a repeating pattern around the bottom edge of my lampshade with a pencil.  I didn't worry about having the chevron match perfectly since my lampshade had a distinct seam, but mostly because I hate math and didn't have the patience to figure out exactly how wide each section needed to be in order to have it repeat perfectly. :)

Once I had my starting pattern traced, I tackled it with my painter's tape. Here is where an Exacto would have been so helpful. I tried to make all my edges straight by trimming the tape with scissors... not so easy as the tape sticks to the scissors. But, I prevailed. And here are pics of my progress:

Because my shade was cone-shaped, I had to adjust my chevron as it got closer to the top. I honestly didn't have any precise formula for this part. I just eye-balled it. And here is the shade after I finished taping:

On to the exciting part: paint! I have a love affair with spray paint. I love the price, the variety and versatility, and most of all I love the instant gratification it provides.  Nothing lifts my mood like changing the color of something with a few mists of a can. It's sublime :) Ok, back to our project.... To protect the inside of the shade from over-spray, I ran a line of tape around the inside edge and then stuffed it full of plastic grocery bags (I told you it would make sense!).

Then, I took this baby outside and sprayed her down with a bright, cheerful yellow. I definitely think spray paint is the way to go here, rather than acrylic or otherwise. Spray is the perfect medium to give you an even coating without seeping under the tape or over-saturating. I applied 2 coats.

The tape came off like a dream and I am so pleased with how it looks. Voila! The official 'after' picture:

 Cute as a button, and really pretty easy. I think it took a total of about an hour and 15 minutes (taking into account time for toddler tragedy aversions and paint drying). Totally worth it! What do you think?


  1. Very chic!You make it look easy.

  2. You are such a creative designer! This kind of reminds me of the "design on a dime" segments on HGTV. Very fun to see how well you did to recreate the look...