Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ode to the 'before' pic

Patience is not one of my many virtues. One example of my lack of patience is the fact that I almost always forget to take a 'before' picture of whatever project I am working on. Any blog reader knows that this step in a DIYer's process is crucial in order to fully hit home the miraculous level of transformation one has accomplished with mere sand paper and spray paint. It also helps considerably when trying to outline the steps in a tutorial... Part of the whole reason I wanted to start this blog. Many a refinishing project has gone unappreciated because I get too excited to start and by the time I think to take a 'before' pic, I've already removed the knobs and sanded off the most glaring defects of my $10 garage sale dresser. Sigh.

So! I am making this public declaration (to the 4 people who will probably read this) that from this day forward I am committed to taking the appropriate 'Before' picture so that all can fully appreciate my handy work. ;-)

As a farewell to the 'old' me, below is a gallery of lonely 'After' shots who never had their 'Before'. Enjoy!

First, our headboard. Found on Craigslist for $20, it used to be plain old oak. I painted it black and had the hubs mount it on the wall. Voila! Oh, the nightstands (and dresser with mirror, not pictured here) were also a CL find. $125 for the whole set. They were your typical 70's French Provincial cream and gold. A few coats of black lacquer spray paint and silver on the hardware worked wonders!

Next is a cute vintage patio set that I purchased via Craigslist for $20. I didn't mind the chipped periwinkle paint, but the ancient, discolored plastic tablecloth that had been used to cover the seats was disgusting. A yard and a half of discounted indoor/outdoor fabric made selling this set for $125 easy!

Following are two chairs I bought at an estate sale for $25 total. The first is a Chippendale-inspired faux-bamboo dining chair that started out in a yellowed cream color with a cheap blue and white pinstripe fabric on the seat. And the 'After'...

The other chair was in a similar aged yellow/cream with an outstanding black and red floral fabric circa 1983.  I fixed it up and sold it for $60. Ta-da!

It makes me cringe thinking about how much more impressive these transformations would be if only you could see the 'Before'. ;-)

So there you have it folks, the end of my 'Before'-less existence. Cheers to better project documentation from here on out!


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