Monday, January 16, 2012

room replica 1

Beautiful images of rooms abound on the internet! I could spend days at a time perusing perfectly staged vignettes and coveting all the trimmings used to decorate them... especially on Pinterest... not that I ever waste time that way. ;) Throw pillows, sculptural lamps, shimmering glass, plush tufts, and captivating artwork - there is a feast for the eyes around every virtual corner! At times I start to get a little down on myself for not having my house perfectly kept. But more often I find myself scheming complete overhauls of my various spaces so that they can resemble these perfect images. Not. Good.

However, I have discovered a very constructive way to deal with my desire to imitate the Dream Rooms I see online. I pick an image, hop onto Craiglist, search out the pieces of furniture I would need to replicate the room I'm dreaming about, and presto! I feel a great sense of accomplishment. Not only because I get my creative fix on, but because I can recreate the room on a very conservative imaginary budget. It's fun! So, this post will be the first of what I will henceforth call my 'Room Replica' series.

Our first Dream Room was designed by the talented and fun Tobi Fairley. For loads of inspiration and your daily dose of room perfection, head on over to her website...

I am obsessed with tangerine and turquoise. Turquoise has long been my favorite color, and the bright juicy punch that tangerine brings is just perfection! I love the symmetry of this vignette. I love the graphic quality of the end tables and lamps. It's modern, fun, happy, and cozy all at once. Let the replication begin! 

First, we need a sofa. I came across this beautiful robin's egg Cindy Crawford sofa for $75....

It's not white like the Dream version, but I think the pale blue could be lovely. And the lines are as close as we can get on CL. Done! On to the end tables... this could be harder.  I knew I wouldn't find a perfect match, but I set my sights on something with similar architectural, geometric qualities. Here's what I came up with:
They're asking $100 for the set. I'd probably see if they'd sell just the end tables for $50 (or less!). I think with some orange paint, they'd do the job! Next on the list is a glass and metal coffee table. I lalala-love this one:

I think this gorgeous table is worth every penny of the $128 (random, right?) that they are asking. Next is a rug. Something neutral and shag... like this:


Not a great picture, but $75 works for me. That leaves us with the finishing touches, the lamps and artwork. I had a feeling that whatever lamps I found would need some paint and/or new shades. Here are the winners:

These aren't nearly as shapely and whimsical as the Dream Room lamps, but for $30 + the cost of spray paint, I don't think they'd look half bad. Last, but not least, are the fabulous sunburst mirrors. These would most likely be the most challenging to replicate. After searching awhile, I came across these:

Not mirrors, but still kinda cool! And to find 2! But part of the appeal of the Dream Room is the perfect symmetry. So I kept looking and found these:

Perfect! And at $15 each, a screamin' deal. Throw pillows are not something I personally would shop for on CL. Too much work for something that shouldn't be too expensive brand new. I did a quick search online and found these lovelies:



And there, my friends, you have it. My Tobi Fairley inspired Room Replica for about $490. What do you think? Fun? Worth repeating? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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