Friday, January 27, 2012

room replica 2

TGIF, folks! As a consumate Craigslister, the weekend is exciting for me for different reasons than some. Why? Weekends are when people clean out their garages, spare rooms, and basements! Weekends are when people make time to purge! Craigslist becomes a veritable cornucopia of new finds each Saturday morning. If you haven't had luck finding that certain something while cruising CL in your cubicle, don't give up! Hop on after breakfast on Saturday (or Sunday!) and you might have more luck. 

It is not, however, the weekend yet. So today's Room Replica was a bit more challenging. Today I chose a trés chic vignette put together by Katie Rosenfeld Interior Design - gorgeous and inspiring all-around. I keep finding myself drawn to Asian-influenced designs as of late. So this picture just screamed "replicate me!". Here 'tis:

Beautiful, right? Am I crazy?! Trying to replicate this setup via Craigslist finds was definitely a task. I had to kind of translate the pieces in the image into CL versions, so nothing is exactly the same. And as usual, paint and fabric will play a vital role in this replication. So! Here's what I came up with.... I started with the dresser. I went back and forth between two that I found. The first is a vintage wavefront dresser for $140:

I think $140 is a tad much for this, but the wavefront kind of gives it similar lines as our Dream version. A few coats of Sherwin-Williams Festival Green, and then using a stencil like this to add some detail, some new hardware, and we'd be in business. Then I discovered this beauty for $30!...

I love the price, and I think with the aforementioned paint job it would be very effective! Dresser,  done. On to the chair. Here is the winner at $200:

What do ya think? Paint it champagne gold and recover the seat with some vintage barkcloth fabric like this for $12:

Bingo! I love it. Now for the mirror. I had to manage my expectations with the mirror. The Dream mirror is pretty unique, so my goal was to find something large with a wood frame that wasn't square. This was the result:

Pretty cool, right? At $300 it's the priciest piece of the design, but worthy of the investment for the role it plays. And vintage! I'd offer them less, though, just to see... ;) Some glossy white spray paint and voila! It's not round, but makes enough of a statement that I think it's a good substitute for the Dream version. Last but not least, the ginger jar lamp. I searched my heart out for a blue and white lamp. Alas, I found nothing that resembled it closely enough. What I did find was this turquoise version (which I love, of course) at $35:

And there you have it! Our Katie Rosenfeld-inspired Room Replica. All that's left is a bouquet of flowers, and you're sitting pretty in your own discount-design-dream room. I had fun putting this together and I hope you enjoyed it, too! Have a great weekend, and happy Craigslisting!


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