Saturday, February 25, 2012

green + gold + glamour

I am loving green right now. I'm not talking about just any green, however. The green I'm referring to is emerald, kelly, leaf green. No olive, army, or sage here. There is something so bright, alive, and fresh about emerald green. Maybe it's my itch for spring to start? I. Just. Love. It.


I also love the way this grassy shade pairs with gold. It has this decadent, Hollywood Regency feel that just rings my bell! Behold the image above, in all it's glory! That green campaign dresser with brass hardware and vintage mirror are a match made in heaven. P.S. My mom has the same mirror - found at an estate sale for $20! Needless to say, I am green with envy...

When I get on a color kick, you all know by now that my first stop for virtual retail therapy is, yes... Craigslist! So, today I hopped on to see what treasures I could reveal that fit into my green + gold + glamour fantasy. And here is what I discovered...Enjoy!

 I think this antique wing back($50) would look so great after a good steam clean and accented with a throw pillow like this:

I love this vintage coffee table($95), and think it would be the perfect center piece in an eclectic living room with a green leather sofa like this one.

Perfect little ottoman($35). That about sums it up! Paint the legs, perhaps? :)

 Ok, this Ethan Allen sunburst mirror($350) is a FIND on Craigslist!So beautiful...remind anyone of the pictures up top? Swoon! If you're looking to make a statement on your bare walls, here's your opp folks.

An old green trunk($20) that would make a fabulous storage piece/toy box/coffee table. Add character to any room for twenty bucks! I'm tempted to...

Some artwork is in order, right? How about this vintage Victorian-style tapestry($275) with it's great green + gold frame. Kinda kitschy, but I love that frame!

A gold sofa($395) seems so glamorous to me. Wouldn't it be perfect across from a pair of jewel-green wing back chairs?! The clean simplicity of this one makes it the perfect backdrop for a few of these fun pillows:

If I have to tell you how fabulous this 60's end table($40) is, you don't deserve to snatch it up anyway. I love it when sellers don't realize how wonderful their 'old junk' is! This beauty is begging for a stack of home decor magazines and a fun lamp, like this($35):

To make sure we're reaching our glamour quota, I think these gold-rimmed wine glasses($100) would help, don't you?

Lastly, this green West Elm wood grain rug ($100). It may not be Emerald green, but I think it's just plain cool. :)

I hope you've enjoyed my foray into the greenest and goldest corners of Craigslist. For more green love, head on over to Pinterest to peruse my green-themed pin board!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

cane chair + chevron

I've been feeling a bit lax about completing my projects lately. I have definitely been feeling this way:

 But, look! I do in fact, follow through with my projects... The faux bamboo cane chair from last week's post has now been reborn into something beautiful and useful. All it took was a little determination and a call to my brother, Jeremy, to come over for a few hours of toddler intervention, wherein he let Cason Jett 'help' him work on his car...

My brother can be a super-uncle-hero more often than not. Ok, back to the chair... In case you missed it, here is the before pic:

I obtained this chic little number via Craiglist for $25. Warms my little heart just thinking about it! I mentioned last week that I've been really drawn to all things green as of late. I searched high and low for an affordable green upholstery option, with no success. I did, however, have some fabric remnants found for $2 at a retirement home garage sale that my Oma (grandma) and I visited a couple of weeks ago. Hmmm. What if I painted a piece of fabric to use on my fabulous chair? You know, me and chevron get along quite well (wink, wink). I have yet to put a chevron piece in our house, since the adorable jennie & jett chevron lampshade found it's home in Samara Swift's nursery. What a perfect opportunity to bring a little chevron into the Hill House! And so I got started, with a little of Cason Jett's help, of course...

Step 1: Remove the seat. (The little dude didn't actually do the removal. In fact, here he is actually trying to put the screw back in. Sigh. Oh, and doesn't his new haircut look dashing? Thank you very much!)

Step 2: Inspection. No surprises found. Onto the DIY Chevron Upholstery!

The fabric from the garage sale was a fairly basic cream colored linen-ish piece. It felt like painter's drop cloth, but a bit softer. I liked the organic appeal of it, and thought a graphic print like chevron would make for a nice contrast. I won't bore you all with every detail of reupholstering a chair seat... for that, you can visit this post about our dining room chairs. What did make this project unique was the painting of the print. But even that wasn't a far cry from the DIY chevron lampshade. It was actually easier due to the fact that the fabric was flat and square rather than being a cone shape.

I began by creating a paper triangle and tracing it along one edge of my fabric to get my chevron pattern started. Then I taped along the line, and so on and so forth.

Until, voila! A chevron print emerged!

The finished, taped pattern:

Once I had the taped chevron complete, it was off to the garage for a date with the spray can!

It already looked cool! So exciting! And then, the reveal... squeal!

I was so pleased. But that wasn't even the end! Up next, upholstering the chair. Again, for deets on how to do this part, you can visit here. And this is how my bargain bamboo cane chair turned out:

Sorry about the picture over-kill :) I am just so proud of how this chair looks! Despite the fact that I still need to give it a once over with a black lacquer spray can. Once that's done, I just have to find/make/scavenge the perfect throw pillow to complete the ensemble... ;)


Friday, February 10, 2012


I like to think that I have good taste. Don't we all? As an amateur DIY'er, it's always so encouraging to get reinforcement that my ideas and vision are, in fact, good. This reinforcement comes when I see something on a blog or in a magazine that resembles something I myself am trying to accomplish. Case in point, a recent Craigslist purchase in the form of a faux-bamboo, cane barrel chair. See below:

I snatched this chair up for $25. The seller had recently covered the seat with this black tropical print fabric, and decided to cover an ottoman in the same stuff even though it did not match the chair... it isn't even made of wood (you can see it in the bottom right corner of the first image). I bought the chair and the hokey ottoman came with it. So be it. I think the chair will be lovely once given some TLC and new upholstery. The paint is a bit thick on this one, and might take a little elbow grease to smooth out before it gets a new coat (or I might leave it!), but I love the lines and the caning. Shortly after acquiring this piece, one of my beloved blogs, House of Turquoise, featured an outdoor space designed by Elizabeth Newman Interior Design. A perfectly fresh and relaxing patio in my two fave colors. and behold!... faux-bamboo, cane barrel chairs!

The Elizabeth Newman versions are a bit more detailed, but for $25, I will not complain! And it proves to my dear hubby that I am not as crazy as he might think, right? If a fancy-pants professional used these chairs, I must be on the right track! ;) Affirmation!

I have been thinking more and more about green, lately. So perhaps I will recover the seat accordingly. Here are some fun and inspiring ideas:


(I love this one...)

I have yet to find the perfect fabric, and I'm actually considering painting my own since every design that I've found appealing costs an arm and a leg per yard! If I could score come vintage barkcloth, I'd be in heaven. To the Goodwill, I go! To be continued...
Have a great weekend!


Friday, February 3, 2012

all about orange

If you've read any of my previous posts, you may have picked up on my affection for the color orange. My long-time favorite color is turquoise - always has been, most likely always will be. But lately I have been just nutso for the color orange, especially when used with my true love, turquoise. Perhaps I have been influenced by external sources? After all, Pantone's official color of 2012 is Tangerine Tango. Maybe I'm more of a lemming than I'd like to admit, but in this case, who cares! Orange is fun, bright, energetic, and happy. So, there!

In an effort to purge my newly incessant desire to fill my entire house with orange, I am dedicating today's post to all things orange. I went onto Craigslist, entered the word 'orange' into the search bar, and the following items were those I thought worthy of an honorable mention... Enjoy!

First, is this cute 3x5 shag rug in perfect tangerine from Segals. Cute! The seller shows it in a nursery, and I think it's super modern and fun. $50

 Next up are these two mid century Danish-style chairs. Just add a chic side table, then you and a super stylish friend are ready to enjoy a Manhattan! A steal at just $34 each. I'm tempted...

Now we have these two beautiful burnt orange wingbacks from Pottery Barn for Williams Sonoma. I want these chairs sitting opposite my couch and coffee table, each adorned with one of these ikat throw pillows. Sigh. $325 each

Our final orange treasure is this: "Drexel Heritage Furnishings Orange Velvet Chair purchased at Paul Schatz on 8-30-1976, style 6679 fabric MO53-24" as the seller so specifically states. It is gorgeous and looks to be in great shape. Of course, I might be inclined to 'defile' it with a coat of white paint on the wood to bring it into this century a bit. Ha! A great buy at $195... but, I'd offer $150. ;)

And there you have it folks -  your daily dose of virtual vitamin C! Am I the only one drinking the orange Kool-Aid? I don't know about you, but I am loving how Tangerine Tango is juicing up interior decor this year. Even if I don't go all orange in my house, I think working in touches of it here and there is a great way to add energy and interest to a room.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!