Tuesday, February 14, 2012

cane chair + chevron

I've been feeling a bit lax about completing my projects lately. I have definitely been feeling this way:

 But, look! I do in fact, follow through with my projects... The faux bamboo cane chair from last week's post has now been reborn into something beautiful and useful. All it took was a little determination and a call to my brother, Jeremy, to come over for a few hours of toddler intervention, wherein he let Cason Jett 'help' him work on his car...

My brother can be a super-uncle-hero more often than not. Ok, back to the chair... In case you missed it, here is the before pic:

I obtained this chic little number via Craiglist for $25. Warms my little heart just thinking about it! I mentioned last week that I've been really drawn to all things green as of late. I searched high and low for an affordable green upholstery option, with no success. I did, however, have some fabric remnants found for $2 at a retirement home garage sale that my Oma (grandma) and I visited a couple of weeks ago. Hmmm. What if I painted a piece of fabric to use on my fabulous chair? You know, me and chevron get along quite well (wink, wink). I have yet to put a chevron piece in our house, since the adorable jennie & jett chevron lampshade found it's home in Samara Swift's nursery. What a perfect opportunity to bring a little chevron into the Hill House! And so I got started, with a little of Cason Jett's help, of course...

Step 1: Remove the seat. (The little dude didn't actually do the removal. In fact, here he is actually trying to put the screw back in. Sigh. Oh, and doesn't his new haircut look dashing? Thank you very much!)

Step 2: Inspection. No surprises found. Onto the DIY Chevron Upholstery!

The fabric from the garage sale was a fairly basic cream colored linen-ish piece. It felt like painter's drop cloth, but a bit softer. I liked the organic appeal of it, and thought a graphic print like chevron would make for a nice contrast. I won't bore you all with every detail of reupholstering a chair seat... for that, you can visit this post about our dining room chairs. What did make this project unique was the painting of the print. But even that wasn't a far cry from the DIY chevron lampshade. It was actually easier due to the fact that the fabric was flat and square rather than being a cone shape.

I began by creating a paper triangle and tracing it along one edge of my fabric to get my chevron pattern started. Then I taped along the line, and so on and so forth.

Until, voila! A chevron print emerged!

The finished, taped pattern:

Once I had the taped chevron complete, it was off to the garage for a date with the spray can!

It already looked cool! So exciting! And then, the reveal... squeal!

I was so pleased. But that wasn't even the end! Up next, upholstering the chair. Again, for deets on how to do this part, you can visit here. And this is how my bargain bamboo cane chair turned out:

Sorry about the picture over-kill :) I am just so proud of how this chair looks! Despite the fact that I still need to give it a once over with a black lacquer spray can. Once that's done, I just have to find/make/scavenge the perfect throw pillow to complete the ensemble... ;)


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  1. I love the fabric! It turned out perfect. You have outdone yourself once again. I love this blog.