Wednesday, February 1, 2012

cason jett and the 'hoo-hoo's'

Cason Jett really like owls, or 'hoo-hoos', as he calls them. (I know...questionable name. But I think it's cute when he says it, so I've never discouraged it.) I'm thinking he developed his affection for owls last year when they became so very popular in everything from home decor to stationary to jewelry. We saw them everywhere, and as I explained to him what they were (and what sound they make) he began to really enjoy pointing them out every time one popped up on a store display or magazine page. I like owls as well, for their graphic quality and touch of whimsy that they add to a room. I do think the owl craze got a bit carried away, but when West Elm first came out with their ceramic owls, I admit that I really wanted a pair. And at $14 - $29 each, they weren't a total splurge...

Etsy has some cute ceramic owls as well, albeit a bit more pricey at $65:

I do like that orange, though :) 

During a recent trip to the Goodwill store I came upon these two hoo-hoos:

I thought, what a pair! And I love the price! I bet I could take these home and give them a makeover to resemble the West Elm Hoo-Hoos! Cason Jett sure liked them. So, home they came. And after a bath, a coat of primer, and some glossy orange Krylon, I think they look every bit as owl-chic as the newer versions.

And of course, Cason Jett approves. 

Hoo-Hoo-ray! ;)

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