Saturday, February 25, 2012

green + gold + glamour

I am loving green right now. I'm not talking about just any green, however. The green I'm referring to is emerald, kelly, leaf green. No olive, army, or sage here. There is something so bright, alive, and fresh about emerald green. Maybe it's my itch for spring to start? I. Just. Love. It.


I also love the way this grassy shade pairs with gold. It has this decadent, Hollywood Regency feel that just rings my bell! Behold the image above, in all it's glory! That green campaign dresser with brass hardware and vintage mirror are a match made in heaven. P.S. My mom has the same mirror - found at an estate sale for $20! Needless to say, I am green with envy...

When I get on a color kick, you all know by now that my first stop for virtual retail therapy is, yes... Craigslist! So, today I hopped on to see what treasures I could reveal that fit into my green + gold + glamour fantasy. And here is what I discovered...Enjoy!

 I think this antique wing back($50) would look so great after a good steam clean and accented with a throw pillow like this:

I love this vintage coffee table($95), and think it would be the perfect center piece in an eclectic living room with a green leather sofa like this one.

Perfect little ottoman($35). That about sums it up! Paint the legs, perhaps? :)

 Ok, this Ethan Allen sunburst mirror($350) is a FIND on Craigslist!So beautiful...remind anyone of the pictures up top? Swoon! If you're looking to make a statement on your bare walls, here's your opp folks.

An old green trunk($20) that would make a fabulous storage piece/toy box/coffee table. Add character to any room for twenty bucks! I'm tempted to...

Some artwork is in order, right? How about this vintage Victorian-style tapestry($275) with it's great green + gold frame. Kinda kitschy, but I love that frame!

A gold sofa($395) seems so glamorous to me. Wouldn't it be perfect across from a pair of jewel-green wing back chairs?! The clean simplicity of this one makes it the perfect backdrop for a few of these fun pillows:

If I have to tell you how fabulous this 60's end table($40) is, you don't deserve to snatch it up anyway. I love it when sellers don't realize how wonderful their 'old junk' is! This beauty is begging for a stack of home decor magazines and a fun lamp, like this($35):

To make sure we're reaching our glamour quota, I think these gold-rimmed wine glasses($100) would help, don't you?

Lastly, this green West Elm wood grain rug ($100). It may not be Emerald green, but I think it's just plain cool. :)

I hope you've enjoyed my foray into the greenest and goldest corners of Craigslist. For more green love, head on over to Pinterest to peruse my green-themed pin board!


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