Thursday, February 2, 2012

the little dresser that could

Summers in Oregon have a lot to offer - sunshine, warmth, and a plethora of outdoor activities. It's the reason we live here, right? Once the rain stops and gives us our 60-90 day break, this state is the most beautiful place on the planet ;)

One of my personal favorite summer outdoor activities is garage sale-ing (it is now a verb). On a particularly beautiful day this last August I was out perusing garage sales with my lovely mother-in-law, Linda, who also shares my thrifting affliction and eye for a good find. We had gone online the night before and mapped out a route of garage sales to stop at. At our last stop, I found this little dresser:

It was getting into the afternoon, so the sale had been picked over. The gentleman running the sale informed me that the price was $30. I smirked. Umm, okay. He read my displeasure and with a hopeful expression offered, $20? I told him I'd think about it. It was solid wood and not rickety. I like the French Provincial lines, but knew that the cream and gold would have to go! And the knobs! With little flowers painted on them! Yuck! After walking the sale and discovering nothing else of interest, we started to leave. The gentleman stopped me and asked what I would pay for the dresser. I'll give you ten bucks, I said firmly (which was actually all I had left in my stash, btw). Sold, he said! And that, my friends, is how you bargain!

Linda and I wrestled the dresser into the back of my Honda and drove off victorious. To be honest, I really had no place to put this dresser, or any idea where it would end up. I just knew that it had potential! Fast forward a couple months. My dear friend, Lindsay, is pregnant with a long-awaited baby girl. We had been brainstorming her sweet baby's nursery, and it dawned on me that she might need a cute little dresser to house all the adorable little items that one needs to clothe a baby girl. She did! Her colors were to be gray and yellow. Perfect!

Ok, now for the nitty-gritty. For this makeover, I started by removing all the knobs and hardware. then gave the whole thing a thorough sanding with fine-grit sandpaper. The detailed areas on the top drawer were hard to sand, so here is where primer comes in handy. After sanding, I cleaned the dresser really well by wiping it off with a soft, damp cloth. For the really dirty areas I used some Windex. After it was totally dry and dust-free, I gave it two coats of spray primer. Have I mentioned how much I love spray paint? I do. After priming, I sprayed three coats of Krylon Glossy Classic Gray. I also cleaned and primed the knobs and hardware, then gave them all a few coats of Krylon Gold Metallic. I was pleased with the outcome :)

And so the Little Dresser That Could got a makeover. Lindsay lalala-loves it. I do, too!

(recognize the chevron lamp? It was so perfect with the dresser! Oh, and the little yellow fluff ball is a knitted cupcake beanie - omg.)

I lined the drawers with this vintage-inspired rose print contact paper. 

This is a close-up with the sweetest onesie ever, screen printed by another friend.

And here it is in Samara Swift's nursery (cutest name ever, right?!). Note the sweet ceramic owls - a la Goodwill ;)

Samara will be making her formal appearance in March, and I just love the idea of all her cute little jammies and what-nots living in this precious dresser. Almost makes me want to have another baby ;) But only if someone can guarantee me it will be a girl! Ha! 

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts of this garage sale find turned nursery gem!



  1. Fabulous! Samara Swift will love it. This dresser is so classy and sweet at the same time. It's perfect for a baby girls room. What a steal, too. I think you have a talent and I will be taking YOU with me next time I go garage sale-ing!

  2. love it! the dresser turned out so great! i keep wanting to make over furniture but i'm too intimidated :). Samara's a lucky girl!