Monday, March 12, 2012

liquid sunshine

Welcome to March in the beautiful Pacific Northwest! So much for Spring. Ugh. Today it has been windy, wet, and just plain nasty. I am typically one of those NW precipitation-loving, cold-enduring Oregon 'liquid sunshine' cheerleaders that always puts on a smile in the face of sideways rain and muddy heels. But this week I am over it. I do love Oregon. It is clean and green and the summers here are the most beautiful on the planet. But good grief - it's March and we might have snow tonight? We didn't even have a white Christmas! The dreary view from our front patio is as follows:

The words gray and wet come to mind. We live in a rowhome, with a series of gray, wet stairs leading to our entry.

The foliage out there currently consists of this lonely, dead leaf:

This morning I woke up determined to fight off the faux-Spring doldrums with COLOR!

How, you might ask? With my own brand of liquid sunshine in the form of yellow and orange spray paint. Ha! This project actually started last night at the grocery store, where two trays of sunny golden pansies jumped into my shopping cart :) They needed a home!

Cason Jett and I ran over to the Goodwill this morning in search of flower pots. Bingo! We found two suitable pots at the right price - $3.99.

Success! Now for the paint. How about ombre? Ombre is a fun trend that is making an appearance in everything from fashion to hair to furniture to cake baking. I liked the idea of painting my flower pots with an ombre gradation... like a sunrise, perhaps? Inspiration:

   ($57 for 3 pots)

I started with three colors of spray paint - orange, gold, and bright yellow. You know I get excited at any opportunity to fumigate our garage with the scent of a spray can! Bring on the liquid sunshine!

I sprayed on a coat of orange to start. I figured layering the lighter color over the dark would be the best strategy. 

I followed the orange with the gold paint, spraying more thoroughly around the rim and then easing off as I worked toward the middle.

I finished by spraying a more concentrated layer of the bright yellow around the rim and inside the top edge.

After the bright yellow, I went back with the orange to finesse the layered look. After the paint dried, out came the potting soil and gloves and I braved the elements on my front patio to give my pansies their pretty new home. 

 Of course, it turns out I only had enough potting soil to plant one pot. Sigh. I was too impatient to wait to post this until I made yet another trip to the store with toddler in tow, so.... Ta-da!

And of course my Little Ray of Sunshine approved :)

I love it! A bright spot in our wet world of gray! Puts a smile on my face, despite the rain-matted hair on my forehead! Now to go in and warm up with some hot cocoa and hope the imminent snow doesn't dispose of my handiwork. ;)



  1. love it Jennie! so sunny and fun!

    1. Thank you, Dianne! It was fun to make :)

  2. Jennie, I'm thinking that you could get some sponsor money from Krylon!

  3. Wouldn't that be cool?! I'll write them a letter ;)