Thursday, March 1, 2012

weekend winnings

I may be a few days behind in getting this post out, but I wanted to share the treasures I acquired over this past weekend at an estate sale. Nothing quite makes a weekend complete for my mother and I like a good estate sale! This one wasn't overtly stellar, but we did come away with some bargains. I present to you my weekend winnings:

It might look like a strange melange of stuff, but let me break it down for you... If you recall, in the past I mentioned that I do not know how to sew, and that I call upon my mom more often than not to help me out with projects that require sewing skills. However, I am determined to learn the basics before this year is over! So when my mom discovered a box of sewing notions at this estate sale, she saw an opportunity. We scored a whole boat load of thread and a lovely case to organize it in, pins, a weird white pencil with a brush on one end (that I'm sure will make or break the success of my sewing career), a bobbin case, a variety of embroidery floss, and some fabric tape stuff.... all for about $10! If you have been to Joann's to pick up a spool of thread lately, you know that this is a big deal. And now all I need is a sewing machine!

Next in the lineup is a fabulous, big, solid brass tray! It was hanging on the wall above the fireplace at the estate sale, and immediately both my mom and I were drawn to it. $15! It's large enough that I can see it becoming a table top for a patio table this summer. Until then, it will reside on my coffee table and house my issues of Portland Monthly and Sunset Magazine. Score!

Last, but certainly not least, I came home with a super cute set of vintage Noritake Progression China in the Palos Verde design for a measly $25! It's missing some pieces (bowls), but I am in love with the green and gold pattern! And I think it looks perfect with my dining room chairs, AND on my big brass tray!

Fun, don't you think? I really didn't need more dishes, but my mom (who has 7 different sets) pointed out that variety is the spice of life! And for $25 we couldn't say no. All in all, a successful weekend. Now to figure out where to store my new dishes... :)


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