Friday, April 27, 2012

a painted lamp

I love lamps. Lamps and throw pillows. They are the bread and butter of decorating accessories! The icing on the cake of a well planned room! Lamps are the crowning glory of a perfect end table or nightstand! I am always in search of my next pair of lamps. And you just never know where you might find them. On a recent outing to my beloved Goodwill store, I spied this lovely yellow ginger jar lamp sitting amongst a group of cast offs...

It was love at first sight! Just the thing to brighten our master bedroom (the shade was added after the fact - borrowed from a set of black lamps I bought at Target a couple of years ago). Alas, there was only one. Sigh. At $6.99, it was coming home with me regardless. But if only I could find a match! The super fabulous symmetry would make me sooo happy! And then, I saw another lamp out of the corner of my eye.

(My apologies for the blurry pic on this one! I took it really fast and didn't realize until after the fact. Ugh.) This retro robin's egg blue lamp was priced the same, had a similar shape albeit chubbier, and featured this sweet crackled finish and brass base (sarcasm):

I had read a DIY tutorial about painting lamps on Isabella & Max Rooms, and I immediately thought, "I can do that!" So, home the lamps came. I started by taping off the socket and the cord with painter's tape and a plastic bag.

Then I took her out to the garage and gave it her 2 coats of spray primer.

Next, I gave her 3 coats of the closest yellow I could find to the other lamp. I finished it with 2 coats of clear gloss to make her shine!

I was super excited with the change already! It totally transformed the crackly blue-ness into banana fabulous-ness! And then, the shade....

This picture makes it look a bit brighter than it actually is, but you get the idea! Fun, right? And bright and spring-y! I spent about $20 total for the lamps and the spray paint. And I'm actually kinda digging the slight difference in shapes between the two lamps. Now I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for DIY lamp-painting candidates. It's such a simple way to update a room! I'd love to hear what you think, or if anyone else has given this a try!


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  1. I love lamps too! I could stand in homegoods all day and just gaga over them ALL! love the yellow