Thursday, May 24, 2012

a $20 coffee table

Coffee tables. The anchor of the living room, right? A coffee table has to be attractive, versatile, and durable. Good for housing drinks, books, and at times my husband's feet... Sigh. I recently was bitten by a creative bug and was inspired to sell our beloved and ever-popular Cost Plus Sourav coffee table via Craigslist. I really didn't know what I wanted in it's place, but I felt strongly that it was time for something new. I had been admiring coffee tables with Asian-inspired lines, such as...

Yes! White! And Asian! Love. Especially the first one with the overlapping square lattice motif. So, the game was on. I was on a coffee table acquisition mission like none this household has ever experienced before. In the interim, we were using a severely beat up TV console table that we had purchased at Pier 1 like, forever ago. Groan! 

Weeks passed. I perused Craigslist in my free time seeking the perfect combo of potential and price.  Every time I walked by the Franken-console in the living room I felt renewed motivation to find my perfect coffee table match. Just when I was starting to feel desperation set in one evening, a miracle happened... I found it. The table. For, wait for it... $20. 

Squeal! It was (almost) beautiful! And the details had me in a tizzy. I felt like I had totally hit the jackpot! The gentlemen selling this table was convinced it was junk, and simply wanted to get rid of it. I love people like that! They truly make the world a better place for deal seeking home decorators like myself. God bless them. 

Obviously, this diamond in the rough was, well, a little rough. But all it took was a little sand paper, some elbow grease, 1 can of primer, and 3 cans of glossy white spray paint, and presto! My white, Asian-inspired coffee table dream is now a reality. 

And here it is in our living room:

(In real life furniture gets used, didn't you know? It's a personal pet peeve of mine to see all the perfectly staged rooms on blogs, bereft of people or the real 'stuff' of everyday life. It sets the bar really high for those of that actually live in our homes, don't you think? I digress...)

Thus far, this $20 coffee table has stood up to all toddler-imposed tests of durablility. And Cason Jett really likes that he can go underneath and see the bottoms of his car collection.

I am still reveling in my coffee table victory. 

Next on my list: our brown couch. Vile brown couch, you mock me with your brown-ness. Your days are numbered.... ;)


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