Wednesday, June 6, 2012

chair love

A rather unexpected trend popping up in fashion and home decor right now is the return of all things floral. Something that may seem a bit dated to many has been reborn as modern and fresh...

It's fun, right? And feels so perfect as we approach summer. I hadn't really intended to add anything floral to our digs, but things just have a way of happening sometimes, don't they? One of those things happened to me recently on a trip to the local Goodwill. Two things, actually, in the form of 2 super fabulous vintage arm chairs. These bits of heaven just happened to be delightfully adorned in bright, floral fabric...

I was smitten. These beauties had such an Anthropologie-esque appeal! The orange! The blue! The patina! Swoon! They were a little dusty, and one of the seat cushions appeared faded. But after careful inspection, I discovered that the seat cushions could be flipped - and the undersides were perfection! And if all else failed, the covers were removable for washing. Price, you ask? $89 per chair. Did I mention they had matching ottomans? Believe it - although the ottomans aren't quite as nice as the chairs. Done, and done. I learned the hard way that you don't walk out on a unique thrift find. Home they came!

After a good vacuum followed by a thorough steam clean (I love my Shark portable steamer for this kind of task) the chairs are even more fabulous than before. My only dilemma now is that my hubs really dislikes the whole floral thing and feels strongly that they should be reupholstered. Sigh. For now, he is letting me live my dream by allowing them to reside in our living room, and I love them more each time I see them! Especially with my orange throw pillow!

What do you think? Love/hate/indifferent?

If you fancy yourself some floral inspiration and ideas on how to use it, check out this post from Centsational Girl. She's got all the links you need to see if the floral trend works for you. Have a great week!