Saturday, September 29, 2012

a free patio set.

I do love a bargain - you should know this by now. I get great satisfaction out of paying less than full retail, especially if it's for a unique treasure or one-of-a-kind find. What could be more gratifying than getting a great deal?! Not much, in my book.... unless I can get it for free. 

Recently I decided to peruse the FREE STUFF category on Craigslist out of pure curiosity.  To be honest, there is not a whole lot that most folks would want. Toilets, broken down couches, dirt, etc. Yuck. However! On this random day that I happened to take a look, I came upon a patio table and chairs. Not just any green plastic outdoor table and faded chair set - a handmade mosaic table top complete with glass top and a set of four metal patio chairs. What the what?!! I was like, yes please! My brother and I hopped in my Honda and cruised 15 minutes down the road to retrieve my new found treasure. The chairs weren't much to look at...

But the table top was lovely! Aside from some slight damage on the frame, it is a pretty incredible find for FREE.

I looked online to see what a comparable table would cost, and I couldn't find anything less than $250. You might have noticed that I said table TOP. Yes, this set was without a base. A challenge to be considered. I love a challenge! I decided that I would wait and see if I could score a patio table base for $5 or less on CL. It couldn't be just any flimsy base, either. This table top is heavy. It took a couple of weeks, but lo and behold, a free iron table base showed up on the same FREE STUFF list. It was perfect - size and weight. I felt like a champion! ;)

The next part of this patio set perfection was to rehabilitate the dismal chairs. The dark green paint and faded picnic table cloth cover were less than satisfactory. So, you know me - I acquired some sunny yellow spray paint and got to work.

For the seat covers, I took a trip to my beloved Goodwill and snatched up a super cute shower curtain.

The routine for covering the seats is pretty simple, but if you'd like an in depth tutorial visit this post.

A few staples later, and I was in love with my 'new' chairs. Cason Jett thought they looked 'so pretty, Mommy!'.

My fabulous free patio set now lives on our ground floor patio which really benefits from the bright yellow, as it was a little dark and dreary. I love how the yellow chairs and graphic fabric play against the organic style of the mosaic. Score! :)

I have yet to tackle the blemish on the table frame, and the base will eventually get a bath in the same yellow, but for now I am just pleased as punch to have a cute patio set that cost me nothing except for the shower curtain and spray paint. Perhaps the free stuff category on CL will get a little more attention from me in the future! What do you guys think? To scavenge or not to scavenge?


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  1. Great find and great job at bringing this sweet set to live another day! You are the cleverest girl I know!